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The CORNERMATIC PLUS® was specifically designed to address the difficulty with inserting corners into some styles of fitting ductwork. It joins other world- wide successful Cornermatics such as the Dual-Head and the Corner Cadet® in reducing shop labor. Three years in development brings to the trade a machine that can handle any TDC®/TDF® fitting assembled on a bench. The CORNER- MATIC PLUS® automatically and effortlessly inserts and crimps TDC®/TDF® corners in seconds. Lets you do a duct section (eight corners) in about 20 seconds in any gauge, 16 through 26. Generally, tests have shown 80 ducts/hour vs. 15 ducts/hour for manual insertion.
  • Specifically designed for the fabrication of duct fittings – even your toughest inside or outside angle off-set transition fitting from 16-26
  • Insert corners in off-set fittings without needing a secondary ‘straight’ at the flange, No other corner-inserting machine can do this!
  • Fully automated – no switches or foot pedals – just push in, Cornermatic® Plus™
  • Completes (8) corner inserts in roughly 20 seconds.
  • New quick loading StrapPak™ packaging technology speeds loading of the new ‘Universal’ corner.
  • Corners feed from below the work-surface allowing a clean, unobstructed work
  • Handles tight square throat elbows and flex
  • Works with SMACNA-conforming, T-25a and T-25b flange and many other flanged duct systems, without changing
  • Three versions available, in addition to the Cornermatic PLUS® , there is the original table mount, Cornermatic PLUS® InGround, or adjustable version, Cornermatic PLUS® Versa, that can operate at table height or down “in-floor” for better integration with the workshop environment
  • Bring your fitting productivity up to duct section standards!


  • Corners are inserted square and fully crimped.
  • No need to change the crimping adjustment when inserting corners in 16 to 26 gauge ducts-all automatically and 26ga corners are tight).
  • Each quick loading box holds 80 corners-loads in ten (10) seconds
  • Corners are shipped presorted and oriented for direct loading into the magazine.
  • No need for hand sorting.
  • Push the ductwork or fitting into the flange guides and the machine automatically does the rest.
  • Adjustable legs to match most bench heights.
  • Will handle any fitting built to SMACNA standards
  • Handles particularly difficult inside angles on off-set transitions with a breeze
  • Easily handles tight square throats
  • Will do odd size fittings such as flex connectors and curbs
The CORNERMATICPLUS® machine will operate with all widely available Cornermatic®-type corners and with Mestek Machinery’s revolutionary EZ Connector® corners for “C” and “F” flanges. CORNERMATICPLUS® machines built after June, 2016 have a metal sleeve affixed to accept the StrapPak™ strapped corners. Those built before that date can be retro-fitted with a free metal sleeve.


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