Arcos Bridge & rail


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Since the motion platform is independent of the cutting surface, the Arcos Bridge & Rail Plasma does not experience heat damage normally associated with the Plasma or Oxy-Fuel (Acetylene) cutting processes.

The Arcos Bridge & Rail Plasma is a host to multiple features, you simply can’t go wrong when it comes to this fabrication machine! This system features an integrated material database so you can simply use a menu-drive system to adjust feed rate, pierce-delay, pierce-height, and many other options automatically.

The Arcos Bridge & Rail is made up of an all steel construction which is extremely rigid and reduces vibrations to keep your cut quality as pristine as possible.

As always, choosing a MultiCam CNC system provides you with world-class customer service and support before and after sale. With more than 60 locations in our global network, service and support are always within reach.


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