Schechtl MAB 10′ x 14ga CNC Folder


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Schechtl folding machines are the most popular architectural sheet metal folders in the world. Schechtl has manufactured more than 50,000 sheet metal machines in its 100 year history. A step up from the MAX, with 10′, 14 gauge capacity that features a massive backgauge, a solid folding beam, and a pinpoint back gauge accuracy of +/- .004″. The MAB comes in several different models from 60″ to 10 gauge up to a full 13 feet of 16 gauge. The iFold control is the most advanced ever offered. The drag and draw technology allows the operator to literally draw a finished part, including the correct dimensions and angle, on the screen with his finger blows away the competition. Schechtl has always been known for legendary reliability and now with the super reliable technology incorporated into the iFold system, they offer a full three year warranty on parts and a one year warranty on labor.

Technical Information:

  • 14ga CRS capacity
  • 122″ working length
  • 22ga CRS maximum closed hemming capacity
  • 4.7″ upper beam stroke 90 degree/sec. folding beam speed
  • 0 degree-160 degree folding beam arc, with 20 degree
  • 2.8″/sec. upper beam speed
  • 39.5″ backgauge depth +/- .004 backgauge accuracy
  • 230V electrics, 3 phase, 60 Hz @ 20 amps
  • 7,400 lbs. weight
  • 156″ length, 70.5″ depth
  • 63″ height


Features several different models backgauge accuracy of +/- .004″ iFold swipe technology Hardened stop and backgauge pans 3-year parts warranty & 1-year labor warranty.


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