Schechtl MSB 10′ x 14ga Shear


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Schechtl shears are the leading architectural shears in the industry because they were smartly designed from decades of sheet metal experience. They feature a deeper back-gauge of 30″ (instead of 24″), a roll out wagon so you don’t have to unload the machine from your knees, and telescoping front support arms. The MSB 3100 comes standard with a 30″ manually operated backgauge and pneumatic rear sheet support table. The sheet support system gently feeds the cut part forward upon completion of the cutting stroke. The rate of material drop is adjustable to accommodate for different material weight. This action virtually eliminates the need for the operator to retrieve parts from the rear of the machine. The backgauge handle is located toward the right side of the cutting stoke and the backgauge positioning can be adjusted the full 30″ in less than 7 seconds. The MSB is amotor driven plate shear designed to do heavier gauge cutting than the SMT, up to 14 gauge. Choose from models with cutting lengths of 40″, 60″, 80″ and 122″. Handling is simple: Put the sheet metal onto the table, push it between the cutting bars and start the process with the foot switch – that’s all. The machine frame is a sturdy welded steel design. The cutting bar is driven by a noiseless gear motor. All bearings and guide ways are maintenance-free.

Technical Information:

  • 14ga capacity, mild steel
  • 123.5″ working length
  • .125″ aluminum
  • 18ga stainless
  • 35 strokes per minute
  • 4HP motor
  • 220 Electrics, 3PH, 60Hz, @25 Amps
  • 3,210 lb. Weight 137″ Length 65″, 93″ w/SA Depth
  • 59″ Height


Features include optional 96″ squaring arm safety cage w/optional light barrier (cutting process stops immediately if barrier is broken) optional stroke counter counts multiple shear cycles optional Digital Backgauge Display.


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