Schlebach Mini Prof-Plus standing seam rollforming for coils


Call for Status and Pricing

The Schlebach Mini-Prof Plus packs more bang for the buck than any other mechanical lock rollformer. It’s perfect for making 1″ mechanical lock on-site or in-house. Mini-Prof Plus combines all the positive features of the Mini-Prof – rapid panel production, tapered panels, double-male panels – and comes with even more, such as a decoiler, slitter and manual rotary shear. It also has programmable length control. Mini-Prof Plus is the perfect solution for those just getting into the metal business or those adding manufacturing capabilities.

Technical Information:

  • Operating Speed: 28 ft/min
  • Shortest Panel Length: 19.7 inches
  • Infeed Width: 9.5-33.5 inches
  • Processable Materials (Profile Dependent): Zinc up to .032 inch, Copper up to 20oz, Aluminum up to .032, Sheet Steel (galvanized and coated) up to 24ga, Stainless Steel: Max26ga
  • Dimensions L63 in x W53.9 in x H41.3 in Weight: Approx. 694.5 lbs.


Features include: decoiler, slitter & manual rotary shear with programmable length control.


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