Schlebach Quadro Plus standing seam rollforming system


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Metalforming and Schlebach, together have developed the most advanced, flexible, capable portable standing seam rollforming system. The Schlebach Quadro plus rollformer overcame the challenges of a “factory” produced panel being the only panels suited for and obtaining certifications from UL as well as other recognized authorities such as FPA and the stringent requirements of Miami Dade testing. A modular concept, tooling mounted on a rotating cassette design and enhanced options such as in line notching, Make this the Complete rollforming system on the market.


  • Fastest profile changeover on the market
  • Most innovative accessories
  • Removeable touch screen tablet pc – with Cinco Control System
Metalforming and Schlebach developed the solution to challenges in a portable rollforming system, such as producing a factory quality panel, quick profile change over time and accuracy of the finished profile after changing the profile. All the tooling is mounted to a rotating cassette with tooling on each side of the cassette. A simple rotating of the cassette on the male and female sides, 2 possible adjustments for the new profile, accomplished with the precision of a chart and scaled display, leave you with a system ready to produce. A true change over time from beginning to producing the new profile can be accomplished in approx. 2 minutes or less for most profiles. This gives you more time spent producing panel. The Schlebach Quadro has flexibility at the heart of the design. Fully adjustable panel widths, accepting up to a 31.5” wide flat provide several advantages. Choose the panel width you desire for each job. Through the elite drive system, and the adjustable width infeed, the system can produce single sided panels, double male, double female or Tapered panels all in the same machine. Enhanced options can be added at any time throughout the life of your Quadro. These options, such as an in line notching system, in line Longitudinal slitter (for changing panel width on the fly), integrated Hot Melt Sealant, various ribbing and striation patterns. The Quadro Cinco system can produce notched, angled finished panels in one process, driven through software solution defining the roof planes for on site production of a finished angled panel ready to install. Schlebach Quadro Plus, all-electric design, multiple profiles, large UL and FPA database, flexible options give you the solution for portable Standing Seam Metal Roof production.


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