Tennsmith MSE Electromechanical Shear


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Tennsmith’s mechanical shears utilize a simple low maintenance design, coupled with an array of standard features for an attractive combination of high value and solid performance. All MSE models come standard with the unique 2X Backgauge system, which allows the operator to position the back stop from 0″-30″ with only two rotations of the handle. Speed of the 2X backgauge is unmatched with positioning speeds of only 2 seconds. With the combination of the optional digital readout for 2X backgauge system, the operator adds both speed and great accuracy to the job. The optional digital display shows measurements in 0.001″ increments. Longer travel ranges are available by request. The MSE Series is based on the popular LM model shears. Standard features include a 30-inch front-operated 2x back gauge system and 4-edge high carbon/high chromium (HCHC) blades and precision bearings. The MSE shear is available as a standard model or in our popular “Performance Package” (Front or Rear) configuration which includes a 5′ squaring arm, a pair of front support arms, and an air operated sheet support is available in two styles: ● System R drops the supported material to the rear of the machine. ● System F returns the supported material to the front of the machine via a front return chute. Available Options:
  • Sheet Support System – recommended especially for gauging of thin material
  • Digital Readout – shows measurements in 0.001″ increments
  • Squaring arm – available in 5′, 10′, or 12′ lengths and can be left or right mounted
  • Front Support Arms
  • Material Cart
  • Stroke Counter
  • Protractor for angled cuts
  • Go-To ball screw driven backgauge
  • High-speed motors for increased cutting cycles
  • Air-operated Sheet Support system (front or rear return)
  • Performance Packages


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