TruTool C 200 18V LiHD rechargeable battery

SKU: TTC20018V

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The TruTool C 200 18V LiHD rechargeable battery features an open cutting head. This allows you to pull the machine out of the sheet easily. A chip clipper is not necessary. The steel cutting head is powerful and robust. You can achieve an extraordinary amount of power when cutting spiral ducts. The tool set used for spiral ducts, which consists of toothed cutting blades and a robust SC cutter, is capable of fold thicknesses of up to 3.6 mm with mild steel and enables both longitudinal sections and cross-sections. To broaden the range of applications, we have 5 further sets. This enables you to place the focus on cutting quality, speed, performance on curves, or the material. The 4.0 Ah / 18V LiHD rechargeable battery also ensures long runtimes.


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