Lockformer Angler 1.6 Machine

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From Lockformer, the industry leader in HVAC sheet metal roll forming systems… The Angler 1.6 produces 90˚ angled stock from coil stock up to 16-gauge for the production flat oval and round flanges. The machine will bend coil stock with a raw edge on one side and a transverse duct connector (TDC) bend or hem on the opposite edge for safety — 1″, 1-1/2″, or 2″ for single or double wall production. But the key advantage of the Angler 1.6 is its ability to punch pilot holes for screws and cut the angled stock to a desired length. Unlike a press brake which can only produce 10 ft. sections for a maximum 30-inch diameter ring, the Angler allows you to produce precisely the angled stock you need for any diameter rings — even larger than 30-inch round — without a secondary cutting or punching operation. The Lockformer Angler 1.6 also features operator-friendly touch screen PLC controls for easy operation. The impact of the Lockformer Angler 1.6 on shop productivity is maximized when used in tandem with the Lockformer Flanger 2.7 Machine. The Lockformer Flanger 2.7 takes the angled stock produced by the Angler 1.6 and forms either straight angle or flared angle round and oval flanges for the production of single-wall, double-wall, and oval spiral ring connectors from 8″ to 100″ in diameter for standard 90˚ flange. The combination of the Lockformer Angler 1.6 and Flanger 2.7 truly maximizes shop productivity when producing spiral ring connectors.  


Motor / Voltage
Air Consumption
Dimensions / Weight
Lockformer Angler 1.6 Machine
Up to 16 gauge
20″ – 200″
7.5 hp 460V/3 Ph/60 Hz
5 CFM @100PSI
Length: 99″ Width: 42″ Height: 47″


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